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Why Custom?

There are many options available when it comes to ready-made window treatments. Here's why you should invest in custom fabricated treatments:

 Professionally Fabricated


  • Charmed Interiors, LLC fabricates our own window treatments and we personally manage every detail of your project from beginning to end.


More Options

  • You choose from a vast array of fabrics to find a perfect match with your other furnishings. We currently work with or we can fabricate using your fabric.

Custom Sizes to Perfectly Accommodate Your Space

  •  Many spaces in your home often require custom designs that you simply will not be able to locate ready-made.


  • You will have a one of a kind masterpiece adorning your windows!

Detailed Embellishments

  • Detailed embellishments such as rope cording, trim, welt cording and hand blind stitching that define custom.

Overall Better Quality

  • Custom window treatments add an element that is not found in off the rack retail curtains.